Dog Is In Tears After Family Leaves Him At High-Kill Shelter, Then A Hero Comes to Dry Them

A Pitbull Dog named Blue had the unimaginable to happen to him: his family left him behind.

Blue lived with a family in CA for a couple of years, however, once the family is emotional, they set to not take Blue with them.
Blue was given to Carlson Shelter in CA, a shelter called a high-kill facility.


He was therefore emotional he did what anyone else would have done: break down in tears. The volunteers tried to supply him a treat or maybe simply to smile, however, he was, therefore, powerless with the feeling of what was happening, all he may do was cry.

Some say the images show tears dripping from potential allergies, however, I believe we have a tendency to all savvy tears over au courant this stunning Pitbull’s face.

Thankfully, volunteers from Saving Carson Shelter Dogs set to assist him by posting the video on very cheap of the article across Social media.

The video was created and succeeded to achieve attention in hopes that somebody would take Blue home and provides him a forever home!

You can see from the video that these nice individuals were simply attempting to lend a hand. All Blue was trying to find was facilitate and an acquaintance to pay the remainder of his life with.

Blue over up being best friends with Jennifer McKay. Jennifer visited not once, not twice, however, 3 times, and took him home on the third time!

pit bull dog

“He looked terribly unhappy and depressed,” McKay told The Dodo. “You may tell that each time somebody walked by, it had been like he was trying to find them [the owners],” she said.

“It’s like he knew he had been left there.” but once McKay visited a 3rd time, Blue perched up and went straight to his future owner!

Ever since Blue has been out of the kennel and into a home, he has been a different dog.

As presently as Blue have to be compelled to his new home, he received a shower and was taken for a walk, and created himself right reception sleeping on the front room couch.

once he’s not sleeping or riding within the automotive with the windows down, his favorite issue is staring at himself within the mirror.
Blue will currently move ahead together with his life, knowing he’s in smart hands.

Thank you to the legion volunteers across the planet World Health Organization facilitate animals in would like, like Blue, notice a forever home!